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What Are Some Alternative LovingKindness Phrases?

Metta, or Lovingkindness meditation, is a popular meditation that is used to cultivate feelings of kindness for the self and others. It's one of my personal favourite types of meditation and I often use it with both meditation students and my counselling clients. The most common lovingkindness phrases used at:

May I be happy. May I be safe.

May I be healthy.

May I be at peace.

I'm going to break down "alternative phrase" into 2 categories. First an alternative to "May I" and then some other ideas for the rest of the phrase.

  • I had a professor at school suggest the use of "I am" instead of "May I" because rather than asking for permission to be a certain way, you can just be that way. If we think of it in terms of manifestation, or sankalpa (like what's used in yoga nidra) we would say "I am" as it's present perfect tense and resonates more deeply into the brain to actually "be" that way. While I personally usually use "May I," I've had some clients and students definitely prefer "I am" so I would definitely suggest trying both out to see what works for you better.

There are many alternative phrases to be added on after May I/I am. You will here different meditation teachers use them at different times. Here are a few examples of ones I like:

  • May I feel at ease.

  • May I learn and grow from my challenges.

  • May I accept myself just as I am.

  • May I be kind to myself.

  • May I be free from suffering.

  • May I be well.

My suggestion is to try to see if you can come up with phrases that resonate best for you. What does your heart want or need to hear? What would help you in your lovingkindness practice to really cultivate feelings of love, kindness and compassion for both yourself and others. You can always use those phrases rather than the suggested ones in guided meditations.

Check out my free 30 day challenge if you haven't already - Day 26 is a Lovingkindness meditation.


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