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3 Easy Yoga Stretches You Can Do Anywhere

I have been known to stretch wherever I am. At work - back when I worked in retail, now as I work as a counsellor. I prioritize stretching because it's good for my physical and mental health. Yoga, is of course, more than just stretching. Stretching is a benefit of yoga, as well as bringing some stillness to the mind, awareness of the body, and much more. Having the ability to have a few poses you can do no matter where you are (okay, well maybe not anywhere because there will always be places we can't do them, but most places) can be quite helpful. Here are 3 poses you can try to incorporate into your day.

  • Seated Cat and Cow - this is a great pose you can do while sitting in any chair (I like it at the office) Benefits: great for your spine. Normally in cat and cow you can get your whole spine involved. In the seated version, you'll notice it most in your mid- to upper back. How to do it: Sit in a chair, with your feet flat on the floor. For cow, pull your shoulder blades back, push your chest forward, and raise your gaze. For cat, round your shoulder blades forward, and drop your head and gaze.

Traditional cat and cow

  • Forward Fold - this is one you can either stand up to do in a more traditional way, or stay seated in your office chair to do. Benefits: another good one for the entire spine, as well as your hamstrings when standing (helpful to stand if you've been sitting for awhile). How to do it: Standing - fit hips width distance apart, slight bend in the knees, drop your body forward, head heavy, hands toward the floor or holding opposite elbows. Seated - feet flat on the floor, hips width distance apart, drop your body forward, hands to the floor.

Standing forward fold

  • Side bend - another option for sitting or standing that is really good for your side body. Benefits: stretches into your lats, which is really helpful after any core exercises, and which can get tight after sitting for awhile. How to do it: Standing - feet hip width or shoulder width distance apart (your preference), raise your left arm over head as you bend to the right, let your head be heavy. Do each side. Seated - feet flat on the floor, hip width distance apart, raise your left arm over head as you bend to the right, let your head be heavy. Do each side.

Standing side bend.

And there you have it! Three yoga poses that I love to do in different settings, are pretty easy to incorporate into your day, and feel really good!


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